What's new on Version 17

Favourites Option

A Favourites option has been added to the menu bar where you can add your favourite or most used options in Pastel for easy access. The order of options in the menu can be customised for ease of access.

Forms Assistant

Create professional looking documents and statements without having to open the Forms Designer. Use the Forms Assistant to enhance the look and feel of your printed or e-mailed documents and statements

User Notification

In the past, the supervisor could not turn off specific notifications when processing. Now notifications can be turned off for all users including the supervisor. You will find this option under Setup…Users / Passwords…User Access Report.

View Open Batches

When viewing open batches, you always select the open batch under the user and would then click on the Jump To button to open the specific document. You can now double click on the open batch item under the user column and you will be taken directly to the document.

Year End Backup

If a customer runs a year end without creating a new company, then once they reach the end of the year end assistant, the backup screen will open for the user to back up. If the user clicks on the Cancel or Close buttons or presses the Esc key, a message will display indicating that Pastel strongly advises you to make a backup before running the Year End assistant. This event will be logged on the System Changes Audit Trail under the ‘’Backup’’ category.

Online Help

When you press F1 to open the help file, the system will check for an internet connection. If you have an internet connection and you have a Business Care License or are on the Advantage package, you will be directed to the online help files. These files are updated on a regular basis and links to our social media pages are available.


Browse and purchase an e-learning course within Pastel Accounting.

Windows Theme

The user interface inherits elements such as buttons and colours from the Windows theme.

Live Chat

You can click on the Live Chat icon or access Live Chat from the Help menu to contact our support or client services team for assistance.

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